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How Does the Immune System work

Updated: May 16, 2020

How does the immune system work

Old Knowledge

We have an Innate Immune system and an Adaptive Immune system. The 100 year old two compartment system.

New Knowledge (based on scientific research)

Modern Knowledge says we have a 6 interconnected compartment system that make out the Immune System.

We have an Innate Immune system an Adaptive immune system and in between them is the Interferon System. All 3 stand in contact with our Microbion (60 Trillion bacteria) and our Virome (380 Trillion viruses) and our Neuromuscular system. When a Pathogen enters the body its first contact is the innate system which than activates the Interferon system which than activates the adaptive system. The interferon System up-regulates all kind of genes to interfare with the pathogens (viruses)

The Innate Immune System

The Innate Immune System reacts with pathogens (sick making agents) from outside the body. Point where they enter the body are the epithelial cells which you find in nose mouth eyes ears and other openings of the body. First point of contact with the outside are the cell walls of the epithelial cells than second contact are the non specific immuno cells called Macrophages and Neutrophils T-Cells Basofiels Eosinofiel which go around the cells like police on patrol in a neighbourhood.

This system is Non Specific

The adaptive Immune System

The adaptive immune system consists of B and T-cells. Antibodies are made by the B-cells. This system is specific and can best be compared to sharp shooters with one specific goal.

Old Knowledge of how the immune system works (Current)

Pathogen comes into the body the innate immune system gets activated. T-Cells and Macrophages attack the pathogen

Antibodies are made by the adaptive immune system. Next time when this same pathogen enters the body it gets destroyed by the antibodies.

New Knowledge of how the immune system works based on scientific research (Reality)

Pathogen enters the body than the innate immune system gets activated. In between the innate and adaptive immune system you have the Interferon system that up-regulates all kinds of genes to interfare with viruses. this system produces interferon that kills viruses. In other words the body is ready to deal with viruses and it trains itself to become stronger than before. The interferon system the innate and adaptive immune systems inter reacts with our Microbiome (60 Trillion bacteria) and Veriome (360 Trillion viruses) and Neuromuscular system.The Gut and Brain are related gut bacteria interacts with our brain the Neuromuscular system.

This means that what you eat effects your Gut bacteria this than effects your brain. So toxins getting in the digestive system ends up influencing the brain. Neuro inflamations can be caused by gut bacteria. "You are what you eat". It also means that our emotions influencess the immune system our immunity to pathogens.

Our body already has many bacteria and viruses living in it and they support our state of Good Health.

This new model of the immune system is far more complex than the old model - of only two compartment systems - which dates back to 1962.

Viruses do not kill or harm us. In case of Covid19 infection It is the overreaction of a weakened and dysfunctional immune system that starts attacking our own cells tissues and organs what kills

In this new model there are 3 "cylinders" that form our defense system.

First defense "cylinder" is the cell wall of the epithelial cells which are in contact with the outside

Second defense "cylinder" are the Macrophages and T-cells who kill and eat up the pathogens

Third defense "cylinder" are the Cytokines produced by the T- cells

When the first and second defense "cylinders don't work well and are unable to stop the virus from multiplying the third defense system starts to overreact. It produces so many cytokines that it can be called a cytokines storm to safe the body. This cytokines

storm caused by a malfunction of our own immune system is what kills cells tissues and cause all the harm and death

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps build the Cytokeratines that create the cell wall of the epithelium cells. Vitamin A is also needed in the functioning of Macrophages and T-cells that destroy the pathogens such as covid-19 virus.

It plays a regulatory role in the early differentiation of T-Killer cells down regulates the expression of InterFeron and upregulates the secration of IL-5 Cytokinen

Vitamin A plays a crucial role in the morphological formation of the epithelium the epithelial keratinization stratification differentiation and functional maturation of epithelial cells

As a promotor for morphology and cell differentiation enhancer vitamine A is an integral part of mucus layer of both respiratory tract and intestine.

Vitamin A promotes mucin secretion it improves the antigen Non specific immunity function of these tissues

Thyroid takes carotenoids out of food that we eat to produce vitamin A

As you age the Thyroid activities goes down resulting to a lower amount of Vitamine A in the body.

When Thyroid activity goes down than also the acidity level in the stomach becomes less. This lower acidity level decreases the number of bacteria -who love/need acid- in your digestive tract thus affecting the Microbiome. It places the Microbiome in a dysfunctional state.

This is why the old age group of people in Italy and Sweden got so much deaths

Vitamin D

Vitamin D you can get by getting Sunlight (UV) on your skin Egg fatty fish like Sardines Salmon

Vitamin D is extra ordinary against Microbia like viruses Fungi bacteria parasites

Vitamin D is needed to create Cathelicidins Anti Microbial Peptides (CAMP) in Macrophages, These Cathelicidins Anti Microbial Peptides have been around for billion of years. They are the oldest mechanism of action towards Microbia. We can find them in different species like Pigs Chickens Humans.

CAMP destroy Microbia by covering them completely and taking them into the Macrophage and then disrupting their wall/membrane.

When you have a dark skin you need to stay longer in the Sun because of the protective layer. When dark skin people have no sunlight on the skin they become more vulnerable to Covid19. This is what happened with the black people in the USA after the lockdown started.

Why Vitamin C

Vitamin C you can find in Amla Lemon all citric fruits.

Vitamin C is an anti oxidant

Vitamin C kills viruses stops virus replication and brings down the Cytokine storm.

Vitamin C can save Lifes of ICU patients as has been proven. Putting ICU patients on a Ventilator that pumps high pressured Oxygen into an Covid19 ICU patients lung is a Death Sentence.

Key Points

* The pathogen or antigen first comes in contact with the Innate immune system than the Interferon system and than the Adaptive immune system.

* For a proper functioning Immune system you need Vitamin A .it is essential

* For a proper functioning Immune System you need Vitamin D .it is essential

* Vitamin C is needed to improve and help balance an Immune System that is not working well

When we age the Thyroid starts producing less vitamin A

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