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Our Protocols for Prevention of Covid-19 infection

Since the WHO changed the definition of a Pandemic in 2009. We can expect many more WHO Pandemics in the future. Due to recent experience we all know now what fear can do to us. This means that we need to learn how to control our fear and we have to learn to live with WHO Pandemics. Avoid to become a tunnel visionaire and loose the big picture is a must for our political leaders. For example the world mortality rate of Covid-19 is till today much lower than the world mortality rate of Tuberculosis. Strange that we don't see a lockdown for Tuberculosis nor for traffic accidents nor for medical mistakes that kills millions of people worldwide.

Only a good functioning Immune System will be able to help us stay safe and healthy. To have a good functioning immune system the Governments should provide all citizens with Clean Food Clean drinking Water Clean Air  Good Sanitation and Good Hygiene. This is what politicians should focus on. Lock downs are not the solution to deal with WHO Pandemics and must be avoided. Lock downs are the escape of a Tunnel Visionaire who lost to see the Big Picture. Because Lock downs break down the economy damage the educational system kill small and medium businesses. Lock downs leaves many citizens jobless unhappy and not healthy.


We have changed our protocols because of the Covid-19 WHO Pandemic as we care very much for our guests and staff. Our main concern is that guests most be able to socialize as this is the most powerful thing to boost the immune system. Therefore as our guest you can expect the following from our side:

* Hand sanitisers are placed at several points and are free to be used by guests

* We have increased the frequency of sanitation focusing on places where our guests like to hang out most.

* Each tent has its own AC ventilation system with a virus filter.

* We purify the air in the tents and family studio with specific antiviral essential oils 

* We sanitise each tent after a guest checks out and again sanitise it before a guest checks in.

* We have created sitting areas with a lot of space between them to keep the distance.

* You can expect to have your temperature taken by infrared thermometer when you check in and out. We take temperature from your wrist as pointing a laser gun to your forehead to measure your temperature might harm your pineal gland. We do a temperature check on our staff before they start and after ending their shift.


Those in our lovely government have ordered all persons to wear a mask and keep a certain distance.

If you have any medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask we understand that you are exempt from this order. We cannot legally ask you about your medical condition.

Therefor if we see you without a mask we will assume you have a medical condition and we will welcome you to support our business.

We strongly suggest that our guests take responsibility of their own Health by taking care of their immune system which in fact is the operating system of the body. Our staff uses Vitamin A D3 and C with zinc and one raw onion a day.

In case you have any doubtful feelings when staying with us we serve you a full fried bulb of garlic on a complimentary sandwich.


We all look forward to your stay see you soon.

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